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Our Remarkable Journey

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Welcome to Lokmanya

Lokmanya Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited is an organization with a rich legacy of over 27 years, based in Pune, Maharashtra. The primary objective of Lokmanya is to empower people through various financial services and offerings. As a multistate, multipurpose cooperative society, Lokmanya operates in four states, namely Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, and Delhi, with a widespread presence through its 213 branches.

Lokmanya offers a diverse range of financial products for investment, catering to the needs of its members and customers. These products include: Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, Pigmy Deposit, Insurance, Loans and Mutual Fund.

With its wide network and extensive experience, Lokmanya Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited strives to foster financial inclusion and growth by offering accessible and reliable financial solutions to its customers.

Lokmanya offers a comprehensive range of financial services to cater the diverse needs of their customers. Whether it’s financial planning, investments, insurance, loans, or social responsibility initiatives, Lokmanya appear to be focused on providing a wide array of services to their ever-growing customer base.

Product to meet your life goals


Lokmanya offers best investment plans in Deposit with best Rate Of Interest. We provide Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits schemes to achieve your financial goals.

Mutual Funds

Invest In Mutual Funds- A popular investment vehicle for financial planning. Lokmanya offers a portfolio of mutual fund schemes and other investment products suitably tailored for you.


Lokmanya ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. We offer a wide range of insurance products to protect individuals and businesses as per your risk profile and insurance needs.


Lokmanya offers loans tailored to meet various needs, whether it’s for starting a business or purchasing a home. We provide financial assistance to individuals and businesses through different types of loans.


Lokmanya provides lockers to its customers, offering a convenient and secure way for people to store their valuable belongings.

Visionary Speaks

The progress made by Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society in the last 2 decades is certainly commendable. The credibility maintained by the society is important to ensure that their hard earned money is safe while providing financial support to the common man.

Devendra Fadnavis (Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra)

In Gomantak, there are a large number of banks and credit societies. In today's age of competition, Lokmanya Society has expanded its reach in Goa. It is especially useful for women in rural areas as Lokmanya society employs a large number of women from the rural areas.

Pratap Singh Rane (Former Chief Minister of Goa)

Lokmanya multipurpose co-op Society is working for the promotion of culture in the true sense of the word that is why this organization has gained popularity from the society as the name suggests.

Dr. Pramod Sawant (Chief Minister of Goa)

Lokmanya multipurpose co-op society's work in Goa and its contribution to the society is commendable .The organization has done a great job in the cultural field of Goa .They have also given a helping hand to many organizations .I would like to mention this with gratitude.

Shripad Naik (Minister of State for Tourism and Ports, Shipping and Waterways of India)

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In The News

Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Shri. Rahul Narvekar visited Lokmanya Society